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eDiscovery Reviewer

A quick start to understand workflows, redactions, and key features for an efficient document review.

Review & Analysis Basic

Discover how Axcelerate Smart Filters and Analytics can help you evaluate project data. This is an introduction to the basics of Axcelerate analytics. You will learn data investigation techniques to uncover key documents and facts. This course is offered online or live.

  • eDiscovery Reviewer

    Who should take this class?
    This online course is open to the public and is intended for users who conduct document review or QC and those who assist reviewers.

    Trainer: Recommind Consultant

    Course Length: 2 hours (including online exam time)

    Participants will learn how to perform review tasks:

    • Customize the review experience
    • Access, review, and code documents
    • Use Smart Filters, Saved Searches, and Quick Search to perform QC
    • Apply, View, and Modify Redactions and Annotations
    • Use advanced features available to Power Users.
  • Review & Analysis Basic

    Who should take this class?
    This course is intended for users who will be analyzing and batching documents for review. Attendees must have a Case Manager or Power User role assigned to them.

    Course Length: 3.5 hours plus 1 hour online exam

    Prerequisites: Completion of eDiscovery Review course

    Participants will become familiar with features available to Power Reviewers:

    • Expand your knowledge of Keyword Search in Axcelerate
    • Learn how to use Smart Filters to target information
    • Use and combine analytics tools
      • Concept Groups
      • Phrases
      • Hypergraph
      • Visualization
    • Spend hands-on time with the Axcelerate redaction and annotation tools
    • Create review batches
  • Review & Analysis Basic