Information Intelligence

At Recommind, understanding information is in our DNA. To enable this understanding, we built a unique technology platform called CORE, a fully integrated set of technologies and algorithms that deliver the most accurate information – irrespective of language, type, volume, or keyword – to people when they need it. Our goal is to connect people and information, in context to the task at hand. We call this connection Information Intelligence.

The CORE Information Analytics Platform

The CORE platform represents several critical advances over traditional information retrieval and analytics technologies. Unlike these older technologies, CORE automatically develops a contextual understanding of the information contained in your content and document collections, allowing the system to automatically work “out of the box” and obviating the need for long queries, large training sets or taxonomies, making it the most evolved information analytics platform on the market. It is also able to automatically extract key information such as structured data fields, concepts, and metadata from unstructured documents, as well as categorize and organize them into taxonomies so they can be used productively in analytics centric processes, or simply retrieved accurately.

As a conceptual engine, CORE also provides the most accurate and relevant results available – reducing instances of false positives and negatives dramatically over legacy approaches. Furthermore, utilizing its unique statistical-based technology, CORE is a language-agnostic platform, an increasingly important capability in today’s multi-national business environment.

Welcome to Malolo

In the context of next-generation content-analytics and big data centric applications, ranging from eDiscovery and investigations to business intelligence and personal productivity, in 2014 Recommind introduced “Malolo”, our next generation, complete technology stack. Expanding upon on the foundation of CORE, Malolo adds a fully extensible services layer, built of the SPRING framework, and a new web interface tier built around jQuery and HTML 5. By embracing these groundbreaking, modern standards we have been able to build a platform for the rapid development of unstructured, Big Data applications and for the next generation of eDiscovery applications.


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