Complete On-Demand Review & Analysis Platform

Powerful technology is rarely this simple.  Axcelerate 5 sets a new standard for eDiscovery software – a complete, on-demand review and analysis platform with industry-leading analytics and unprecedented ease-of-use.

No external processing needed, no browser plugins to install, with automated workflows and streamlined administration.  It’s about time.


Early Insights

Find the documents that will make or break your case – faster and more reliably. Axcelerate 5’s search, categorization and analytics amplify your legal skills.


Review Efficiency

Review what matters – smarter, faster, and more accurately. Axcelerate 5 helps legal teams achieve new heights of document review productivity.


Confidence and Control

Take the wheel, without hesitation. Axcelerate 5 is intuitive, interactive, and transparent, to put you in control of your data – and your strategy.



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simplifies eDiscovery


Revolutionary Design

Axcelerate 5’s reimagined user interface is constructed from the ground up to empower attorneys and paralegals to litigate intelligently, and to ease the burden on administrators.

Consumer Grade Interface

The result of meticulous design efforts, and leveraging the same technologies used in leading consumer web applications, including HTML5, the new interface brings the elegance and simplicity of the best consumer applications to the enterprise.

Next Generation Viewer

Axcelerate 5’s document viewer is an industry game-changer. It is browser-agnostic and works from any computer with no plugin to install. New rendering technology ensures a high-fidelity, near-native experience with even the most complex documents.

Advanced Visualization

Cut through the noise and get to the key documents that will make or break your case. Axcelerate 5’s interactive charts, timelines and dashboards let you vizualize your data and delivers key insights quickly.

Smart Redactions

Axcelerate 5 lets users redact-on-the-fly right in the near-native view, avoiding unnecessary TIFF conversions. Axcelerate can perform full-page and negative redactions, redact search terms and use pattern analysis to automatically find and redact personally identifiable information (PII).

Interactive Analytics

The legal industry’s most robust analytics are now even easier to access and engage, with intuitive controls and a dynamic visual experience that put you in control.

End of Branch Email

Dramatically reduce review volumes with sophisticated email thread identification, with no external processing required. Axcelerate 5 reliably identifies unique items in email threads and elegantly displays them, so users can confidently focus on the most inclusive communications.


Uncover hidden connections and patterns that emerge from communication streams. A visual, interactive representation of interrelationships among custodians and other entities provides valuable insights to validate collection decisions, identify risks and discover key documents faster.

Predictive Coding

Now easier to use than ever. The Predictive Coding engine continues to learn with every new document reviewed and helps you prioritize your review and find key documents faster — with stunning accuracy and reliability.

Concept Exploration

Our patented technology helps you identify key concepts and topics among massive amounts of data, visually explore groupings and find the key insights that you are looking for.

Phrase Analysis

Highlight the most relevant passages for “more-like-this” searching – to zero in precisely on what you need.


Predictive Coding, Visualized

Recommind’s groundbreaking toolset for machine learning and accelerated, prioritized review is now dramatically simplified, flexible, and easier to use. It will bring tremendous value to matters of all sizes and lets you take control of the process to accommodate your workflow and case requirements.

Simplified Workflows

Axcelerate 5 automates key steps of case management for simpler seed set creation and iterative training, and even faster results. Your litigation support team will reach unprecedented levels of productivity.

Unprecedented Clarity

How much responsive data is out there, and when will you have found it all? Axcelerate 5 predicts the outcome and maps your journey in the new Predictive Coding Dashboard.

Designed for Every Case

Our patented machine learning technology is completely embedded into the review process. It can be invoked flexibly and any time regardless of the workflow you choose. Axcelerate 5 lets you reap the benefits with ease, and add value to every matter, even small data sets.

Results that speak for themselves

Axcelerate has delivered tremendous value over thousands of matters. And we have the numbers to prove it: our customers have consistently saved 75-95% of the review costs using Axcelerate, and our technology has consistently paid for itself many times.

Available On-Demand / SaaS

Axcelerate 5 is available as a full-service hosted eDiscovery solution, backed by Recommind’s industry-leading service team – for matters of any size.

Global Presence

With our global presence, Recommind can host, administer, and backup your data in secure locations throughout the world.

Deep Expertise

Recommind’s experienced case analysts, consultants, and predictive coding experts are all at your service.

Same-Day Setup

Nothing to install, host or maintain. Recommind can start your online case instantly, and you can be up and running within hours so you can start litigating.

World Class Cloud Infrastructure

Axcelerate 5 is delivered as a service (SaaS) with levels of reliability, security and scalability trusted by the world’s top technology companies and financial institutions.



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