Power and Simplicity – eDiscovery Available On Demand

Leverage the industry’s best review and analysis platform in a secure, hosted environment with unrivaled global service. Axcelerate OnDemand combines the strengths of Recommind’s industry-leading technology and its expert worldwide consultancy and support team – for a truly optimized eDiscovery experience.


World Class Service

Recommind’s project managers, data analysts, and expert consultants are ready 24/7 for everything from same-day case setup to advanced review workflows, with best practices gleaned from thousands of matters and over a petabyte of data.


Intelligent Review

Recommind’s expert service team will help your legal team leverage Axcelerate’s powerful analytics, automation, and investigatory tools to the fullest — for a more strategic and efficient review process than you’ve ever experienced before.


Simplified Pricing

Unlike providers laden with third party components, rigid per seat licensing, and incremental add-on fees, Recommind provides streamlined, highly competitive pricing for matters large and small, with far greater predictability.


Add Value to Every Matter

Competitively priced and highly scalable, Axcelerate OnDemand is the ideal choice for a wide range of outsourced matters, regardless of size, complexity, or turnaround time. Below are some examples of where Axcelerate OnDemand’s strengths truly shine:

FCPA and Other Fact Investigations

When you need answers fast, Axcelerate OnDemand delivers. Our team will guide you through the same powerful analytics tools used by key regulatory agencies, like Hypergraph for communications analysis, Phrase Extraction for precision searching, and Concept Browsing to quickly find related document sets.

HSR 2R’s and Other Rush Productions

When time is truly of the essence, Accelerate OnDemand excels.  Your case is set up same day and your review team, instantly, with our zero-install HTML5 viewer.  Our best-in-industry machine-learning intelligently prioritizes your review, while Smart Tagging and Adaptive Batching maximize reviewer efficiency.

Litigation Involving HIPAA and Other Private Data

When privacy and privilege arise, no other service matches Axcelerate OnDemand. Automatically find and redact PII like Social Security numbers and dates of birth across entire document sets at the click of button. Easily redact search terms, variable expressions, full pages, and more – no pre-imaging required and no additional cost.

Analyzing Received Production Sets

When opposing or co-counsel provide too much information to review, Axcelerate OnDemand amplifies your legal judgment. The industry pioneer in Predictive Coding, Recommind will help you identify the scattered documents that are critical to your case strategy — with stunning speed and accuracy.

No Third Party Dependencies

Unlike other hosted solutions, Axcelerate 5 is a complete Review & Analysis platform without reliance on external processing, licensed analytics, or customized scripting by service providers.

A Simpler Approach

Fewer moving parts means less risk and delay.  Axcelerate OnDemand provides a comprehensive, industry-leading suite of analytics and review productivity tools – avoiding data handoffs, variable licensing, and incremental costs.

Powerful Analytics

Axcelerate OnDemand leverages Recommind’s proprietary best-in-industry analytics  – to power investigations, Predictive Coding-enabled review, and cost-saving End-of-Branch email analysis.

Unrivalled Capabilities

Save time and costs with Global Smart Redactions – the industry’s best toolset for PII, privilege, and other sensitive content. Leverage Adaptive Batching, Automated Review Prioritization, and much more – built right in.



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