Axcelerate Legal Hold is a simple and less expensive way to manage legal holds.

Legal Hold is one of the most critical, yet one of the most often failed challenges in the litigation process. With Axcelerate Legal Hold, litigation holds are created, managed, and tracked with a simple to use and intuitive interface, thus allowing your company to focus on the merits of the litigation and spend less time managing preservation obligations.


Unlike other litigation hold management systems that require network resources and maintenance, this cloud-based offering saves your resources for the business of your business. Axcelerate Legal Hold is the most cost-efficient offering in the market, and flexible pricing plans means you only pay for the service you need.


Legal Hold Management

Automated Litigation Hold Management – In the Cloud
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Key Benefits

Avoid the risk of failure to preserve and spoliation of evidence
Ensure litigation holds are timely issued, acknowledged and tracked
Eliminate the hassle of logging notices in spreadsheets and saving form emails
Get set up immediately with no network resources required
Save cost by paying flexibly for only the services you require
Manage your preservation process collaboratively from any location

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How Axcelerate Legal Hold Works

Axcelerate Legal Hold is a Cloud-based Application – It’s Always On and Always Accessible

Not only does cloud based translate to cost-efficiency for your company, but it also means there is no hardware to purchase and maintain, nor is there software to install and keep up to date. Plus, because it is cloud based you can access the hold notification reports from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

A defensible hold management application with an audit trail

Axcelerate Legal Hold provides a detailed audit trail so your company will know what happened and when. All of the information is saved in a single database, so a complete audit trail can be produced as a report with a click of a button. Throughout the hold process periodic reminders are sent to ensure hold obligations are being met. Additionally, holds can be revised, reissued, and released simply, with all activity being tracked by the system and logged to the audit trail.

Secure and Confidential

Axcelerate Legal Hold was designed to ensure strict data access controls, with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication and secure log-in credentials. Security and confidentiality are top priority, and the design and operation of the system reflect our commitment to data integrity. User information is encrypted when stored on the application server, and all servers are protected behind multi-layer firewalls and user passwords are stored using one-way encryption employing hash values that are inaccessible.

Integrated for a Seamless eDiscovery Experience

Because we have developed Axcelerate Legal Hold as a complimentary application to our existing suite of applications, we have eliminated yet another gap between eDiscovery applications. Fewer gaps means decreased risk and cost for your company. Recommind offers a fully integrated eDiscovery solution built on a common underlying platform (CORE) to take your company from preservation to production. This continues our track record of being the only eDiscovery company that has built a fully- integrated purpose built platform. Learn More about the benefits of CORE technology

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