Content Delivery for SharePoint®

Content Delivery for SharePoint provides an easy way to access any enterprise information from SharePoint

Deliver any enterprise content through SharePoint

Enterprises have vast amounts of information in different repositories and the reality is that not all of it can, or should, be migrated to SharePoint. This makes it inherently difficult to build content rich sites and pages in SharePoint. Content Delivery for SharePoint (CDS) provides organizations a way to make any enterprise content available inside SharePoint regardless of the information repository it is stored within.

Simplify site and page creation in SharePoint

Content is presented to users in a unified way through a collection of CDS web parts within SharePoint. These web parts allow for any unstructured information in the enterprise that is indexed by Decisiv Search to become content inside SharePoint removing the need for numerous web parts from multiple vendors, each with a different look, feel, configuration and administration. This streamlines the process of content delivery for both administrators and end users.

Easy deployment and configuration

Just because something performs a complex task, doesn’t mean it should be complex to implement. Content Delivery for SharePoint web parts can be easily added to SharePoint pages, configured and controlled by end users of SharePoint allowing for content to be delivered that is specific to their role, location, division, etc, without the need for customization or coding. This can rapidly speed up the time taken to design and deploy SharePoint environments lowering overall costs.

How it Works

Content Delivery for SharePoint is powered by Recommind’s patented CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) technology.

The advanced nature of CORE delivers search and automatic categorization that is significantly more accurate than traditional search engines, while requiring far less effort to implement and maintain. Developed specifically to meet today’s information management requirements, CORE enables organizations to access information more quickly and easily.

About Content Delivery for SharePoint

Content Delivery for SharePoint substantially reduces the time and costs involved in designing, deploying and working with content in SharePoint. It relies on powerful concept-based search technology to provide users in SharePoint with relevant enterprise information from document management, records management, portal and email systems and myriad other applications and databases. The CDS web parts have been designed with ease of use in mind to help ensure the success of SharePoint initiatives.

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