Access information scattered across the enterprise and beyond with accurate, automated concept search.

Decisiv Search combines sophisticated enterprise search technology with a simple user interface that helps users quickly and easily find the information they need.  Rules-based access enables secure customization of results for each user, giving optimal relevancy in context as well as increased control over the display and ranking of information by administrators.

Enterprise Search Engine

Decisiv Search lets enterprises prioritize and rank search results based on select properties of a document, including freshness, rank, specific metadata and document length. Enterprise Search results can feature Best Bets’ which are preselected files linked to particular queries. In addition, users can choose to boost results based on their individual profile or that of their team.

Federated search enables users to search across internal and external data sources with a single query. The extended federated enterprise search framework in Decisiv Search increases user productivity by integrating internal and external results in the same result set and highlighting search terms in external sources. Adding new sources is quick and easy through a unified query syntax.


Additional modules are available to extend the features and functionalities of your Decisiv Search implementation.

Projects & Expertise

Projects & Expertise allows your people to identify and benefit from the tacit knowledge of their colleagues and to easily find project related information like associated staff, contact information, documents and billing all in one place, even across large, disbursed global organizations.

Qwik Find

QwikFind enables search for documents, projects and experts from a persistent toolbar located on the desktop as well as launching a search by directly highlighting terms in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook. This allows users to find information from anywhere on the desktop, without opening a separate application.

Content Delivery for SharePoint®

CDS provides enterprises with an easy way to deliver relevant content to SharePoint from various data sources without moving the data, enabling a single, easy to configure “go-to” source for all information, whether general to the enterprise, specific to a given office or team, or available from outside sources.

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Intelligent Retrieval
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Feature Highlights


Smart Filtering leverages metadata to group search results by category such as author or client for easy filtering and navigation


Federated search provides search results from multiple sites to one location


Integrates easily with any information source including DM/RM systems, portals, SharePoint, applications, file and email systems, databases and websites


Easily customizable search interface and Rich API for integration into other applications


Mapped security controls and access rights ensure that people see only the information they are entitled to access


Incremental indexing and automatic Updates of search results to efficiently update dynamic document collections


Graphical User Interface lets administrators control and tune search behavior


Supports incorporation of expert annotations, ontologies, and taxonomies to influence retrieval and relevancy ranking


Highly scalable architecture can support terabytes of data

Solutions Brief

Content Delivery System
Expedites SharePoint Adoption

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How it Works

Decisiv Search crawls and indexes information from any source, including document management systems, intranets, email archives, contact management databases and web sites.

From the indices, Decisiv Search automatically creates concept models customized to the information contained within the enterprise.  These concept models significantly improve the quality of enterprise search results by identifying related information across different information sources and ranking search results by relevance.

Decisiv Search uses metadata to group related information, providing intuitive Smart Filters™ for quick navigation and easy browsing. As documents change and new information is added, Decisiv Search incrementally crawls and updates the models, ensuring that information is accurate and current.


All Recommind solutions are built on the CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform, which automatically accesses, organizes and analyzes large volumes of information in context from myriad sources. With greater control over and more accurate access to information, organizations can lower risk, heighten productivity, increase the value of information assets and improve competitiveness and profitability.

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