The Building Blocks of eDiscovery Investigations – 5 Key Techniques

Fact investigation is all about building hypotheses into conclusive understanding. This process is so pervasive that even TV show investigators embrace the approach. In the eDiscovery context, these activities happen in the context of language and data. A savvy investigator uses a variety of information retrieval techniques that exploit language use in different ways. Taking…

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Q & A with eDiscovery and Litigation Expert Gil Keteltas

One of the principal thought leaders in the eDiscovery industry is unquestionably Gil Keteltas. As an author, blogger, speaker, and the national co-chair of Baker Hostetler’s E-Discovery Advocacy and Management practice, Gil’s discovery acumen is well polished. Moreover, Gil is an accomplished trial lawyer who is not afraid to go before a jury on behalf…

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New Sanctions Ruling Spotlights Importance of Handling eDiscovery in the Cloud

“Discovery did not go smoothly” explained U.S. Magistrate Judge Terence P. Kemp as he described a series of “baffling” eDiscovery missteps that culminated in an issue preclusion sanction against the defendants in Brown v. Tellermate Holdings. Those missteps – centered on the defendants’ unwillingness and inability to produce relevant cloud-stored data – underscore the importance…

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Q & A with eDisclosure Expert Chris Dale

There is nobody with a better handle on the UK eDiscovery market (where it is also known as eDisclosure) than Chris Dale. A solicitor and former litigation partner in London and later a litigation software developer and litigation support consultant, Chris now runs the authoritative eDisclosure Information Project blog and website. He is also a…

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In defense of GPS, MRIs, and Predictive Coding

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex…It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. E. F. Schumacher My colleague Hal Marcus recently authored a thoughtful piece that drew an analogy between GPS technology and predictive coding. And not withstanding some questionable music…

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House, JD Would Use eDiscovery Analytics – 5 Examples

I miss House, MD. Yes, it was formulaic and highly sensationalized (med mal and employment lawyers in the Princeton, NJ area could make a nice living off the weekly goings-on at PPTH), but watching House and his dysfunctionally brilliant team investigate puzzling medical cases was great, literate fun. If Gregory House were a litigator conducting…

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eDiscovery Needs a FIFA World Cup Moment

If you’re like most people in the United States, then the past couple of weeks means you have seen far more coverage of a sport that really does not get much attention in this country: soccer.  Yes, every four years the country that has a love affair with sports like no other country in the…

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