eDJ Brief: Recommind Axcelerate 5 – eDiscovery HTML5 Makeover

Recommind hit the market hard in 2011 as one of the earliest predictive coding (PC) offerings. They garnered a bit of market backlash for their high profile announcement to broadly enforce their PC patent but seemed to shift their focus to Information Governance corporate sales in 2012. Recommind’s latest round of funding for $15 million…


Data analytics – necessary iteration

The ability to identify patterns, connect people and information, and  draw informed conclusions from across large, disparate data sources is core  to investigations today – so, how to go about it? Nick Patience of Recommind has a view.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark… Data

It’s the dawn of the living data and information growth is out of control; companies are ending up with Terabytes or Petabytes of information. Successful organisations run and are dependent on information. However, information is only valuable to an organisation if you know where it is, what’s in it, and what is shareable.


Banks rush to bolster compliance

Banks are increasingly faced with a host of regulatory and legal woes. Recently, firms like JP Morgan and HSBC have taken major measures to improve internal controls so that they can comply with new and changing regulations, writes Nick Patience